About us

WELCOME to ClinicMax

ClinicMax Inc. is Health IT company specializing in customized software solutions and services for a wide-variety of healthcare and pharmaceutical entities.

  • ClinicMax offers its expertise to healthcare providers ranging from individual practices to hospitals to public health agencies. Products and services include Electronic Health Records (EHR) certified platforms, patient portals, electronic prescribing, population health analytics, chronic care disease tracking, quality measures and interoperability.
  • ClinicMax provides Pharmaceutical Supply Chain software development and related services that include Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Tracking Systems, Suspicious Order Monitoring of Controlled Substances, Supply Chain Repositories for EDI Data, reporting and analytics software, supply chain data reconciliation and tracking, monitoring API to Finished Goods, and following product(s) from distribution to dispensing through product returns and destruction.

What can ClinicMax offer you?

Dashboards and reports can be developed to assist clients in monitoring performance goals. The data can be visualized in several chart formats with drill downs to specific metadata. Ad-hoc reporting capability will be provided to allow for custom queries and data extracts to Excel.

Our Services

ClinicMax, Inc. is a Maryland-based Health IT services and solutions provider for

Optimize Use of Electronic Health Records
  • Chronic Disease Data Management
  • Quality Measures
  • Clinical Decision Support Alerts
  • Patient Portal
  • Tele-Health
  • E-Prescribing and Controlled Substances
  • Interoperability and Integration
Healthcare Data Analysis
  • Patient Repository based on EHR Standards
  • Population Health Reports and Dashboards
  • Outreach Solutions for Follow-up by Community Health Workers
  • Cost Savings Analysis