ClinicMax, Inc.’s founders and developers knew that there must be a better, easier way for physicians and clinics to incorporate Electronic Health Record technology into their practices. Medical providers complained that the “big box” programs were often too big – unwieldy and demanding. Small and mid-size practices didn’t want to change their whole office culture to accommodate an eHR. They and their staff needed a better and easier way to document patient care, meet Meaningful Use Guidelines and save time

ClinicMax went to work to develop that better way. Today, its accredited and easy-to-use software is in use by a number of savvy, forward-thinking practitioners. Our software is being used by several of the leading Radiation Oncology Centers in the greater Washington, DC area. ClinicMax has also been the choice of general practitioners and endocrinologists in Maryland.

We worked with each group to customize their own version to include what their practice entailed. It can be as broad – or as narrow – as necessary for your needs. No more “one size fits all” approach. No need to wade through lists of tests, labs, reports or other criteria that your practice will never use. Dictation and prescription modules are available. Soon to come will be scheduling and billing interfaces.

Join our group of satisfied clients. Call or e-mail us and tell us what you need for your practice.