ClinicMax, Inc. began as a natural out-growth from JAG Technology Group, when it began developing Electronic Health Records software in 2002. Lead by a team of top-notch software designers and experts in the field, ClinicMax was one of the first to receive certification for radiation oncology-specific eHR. With the adoption of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and its Meaningful Use requirements, the demand arose for a streamlined method to gauge Clinical Quality Measures in all kinds of practices. ClinicMax incorporated in 2010 and soon expanded its scope to include customizations for Family Practices and Specialists. Now, with the addition of ad hoc services specifically designed to aid the medical community in addition to our core eHR products, ClinicMax is poised to become a leader in Electronic Health Records by providing customized, affordable and easy-to-use solutions for your practice.